This video was done by Coach Tre of Stocks Vs. Sneakers. We are honored and clearly Coach Tre gets it! Do you? money flow in less than 2 minutes!

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Have you ever considered being a BAM Entrepreneur?

2007 Gigi...I've stayed the course! I appreciate you!

2007 My Little Princess hanging with Deddy!

2009 Les recorded this in the late Rev. Dr. Winters study in San Diego when BAM was named 1iMALL.COM, "get it" 1 internet MALL, brilliant concept but a terrible brand...BAM! You won't believe what Les Brown's compensation package was!

2014 Bishop Noel Jones took 5 minutes to introduce me and I talked for 30 seconds at the end! That's some BAM for you...huh?

2014 This video from 2014 is most appropriate today during the COVID 19.

2015 Check out my Bishop Noel Jones impression in this video! LOL!

2018 Amazon's most profitable model is their FBM = PASSIVE INCOME! NOTE: As per this video, BAM no longer offers a REFUND.

2020 I laid out a plan for Blacks at the beginning of the pandemic with Carl Nelson on Cathy Hughes' WOL DC News.

2022 Thanks Dr. David Evans and Patty of The PIC TV Network for interviewing our founder, Bryan Franklin as he speaks on