"The key to WEALTH is being tied to at least 2 linkages of the main-stream: E-COMMERCE, Real Estate or Trades?" - Dr. J. Owens Smith

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Please review the following comments from Dr. J. Owens Smith, former Professor of Afro-Ethnic Studies, Political Science and Faculty member Emeritus at California State University Fullerton from 2003 that we trust will resonate with your spirit and you will BE a BAM E-COMMERCE BOSS too. Dr. Smith refers to BAM founded in 1998 as the, "MISSING PIECE TO THE PUZZLE FOR BLACKS."


You are now challenging me to move from my comfort zone, i.e., engaging in the art of intellectual masturbation, to putting words into action. This is a habit that most academicians fall into. We come up with theories, but we very seldom attempt to implement them.

You seem to have developed a breakthrough approach to a process of community development for Blacks, ("Feel free to replace Blacks with Non-Profits or ?").

eXp founded in 2009, we are now in 14 countries around the world with a community of over 62,000 real estate professionals

In the past, the approach that has been used to initiate a program of community development has been CAPITAL INFUSION which includes: Donations, Sponsorships and Investing.

These programs have consisted of dumping millions of dollars into the Black community with the expectation that it would solve the problems. When the programs fail, Social Scientists have traditionally attempted to blame Blacks for the failure of these programs. It is not Blacks who have failed, but the programs themselves were not designed to stimulate community development.

"You seem to have developed a model that will eventually lead to the development of the Black community. Your ADVERTISING / INTERNET SHOPPING MALL, (like Amazon) COLLABORATIVE, the use of TECHNOLOGY and the DISRUPTION of the over $165 BILLION per year NETWORK MARKETING industry is the MISSING PIECE TO THE PUZZLE to CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT for the Black community." - Dr. J. Owens Smith

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