Mall History

A collaborative economy!

1994 iMALL.COM Note: This was the pioneer of the internet shopping mall business model launched in 1994. The FTC shut down iMALL.COM in 1999.

1994 Jeff Bezos of AMAZON told what may be the best startup investment story ever.

1998 formerly called 1iMALL.COM now called BAM (BAM Advertising Movement) ADVERTISING/SHOPPING MALL FRANCHISE like model was launched. Our domain was purchased: 9/26/98

1999 Amway purchased for their internet shopping mall model on 2/5/99.

2004 AMAZON is helping customers find something surprising...its retail rivals resembling an internet shopping mall!

2005 FTC shut down a Network Marketing internet shopping mall.

2009 Brian Carruthers and Darnell Self of Pre-Paid Legal now called Legal Shield entered the internet shopping mall space with BlastOff which has failed.

2010 A Settlement was reached with Amway/Quixtar, Inc., class action lawsuit about the pricing of Amway's products and the recruitment of Quixtar distributors, whom the company calls “Independent Business Owners” (“IBOs”). Our founder Bryan Franklin was asked to be an Expert Witness on this case by Willie Gary, Esq.

2012 BAM formerly 1iMALL.COM inks a BILLION DOLLAR Internet Shopping Mall ADVERTISING deal with Denny's!

2013 Note: A company as huge as Google has shut down their independent affiliate linking network.

2017 If you're one of the millions shopping on AMAZON on Black Friday, congratulations: You helped make Jeff Bezos a $100 billion man.

2018 A new lawsuit accuses President Trump, his company and three of his children of using the Trump name to entice vulnerable people to invest in sham business opportunities including ACN. ACN used to have an internet shopping mall!

2020 BAM acquired  Aisle19 was previously owned by YTB travel.

2020 Amazon uses data from third-party sellers to develop its own products, WSJ investigation finds...

BAM has proven to be a BILLION DOLLAR model with our Denny's deal in 2012.  All WE need is for you to promote COLLABORATION.