COLLABORATION: The ACTION of working with someone to produce...

NETWORKING: The EXCHANGE of information or services among individuals…

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Bryan functions as a virtual Chief Technology Officer, (CTO) for several companies.  (IT = level 1, MIS = level 2, CIO = level 3, CTO = level 4 (15 - 25 years ahead of most people's thinking and at least 30,000 foot view of business.) and Futurist = level 5 (25 - 50+ years ahead of most people's thinking)

Although Bryan is a COOPERATIVE ECONOMIC STRATEGIST, he can assist with RAISING CAPITAL for any amount including BILLIONS for a 10% consulting fee or equity, both are negotiable.  The process begins with a simple ONE SHEET! Bryan opens his vast connections to any active paid BAM Member on a per case basis.  All BAM memberships that are for access to our Connections or Members are NON-REFUNDABLE!

What does a CTO do? Dan Crow - The Role of a CTO in a Startup from 2014 and notice how accurate Dan was…

In order for Bryan to,, advise, consult, teach, meet, refer or review any materials or ideas, ALL associated with your project MUST select Plan A-D first!

Plan A: $199/hour

Plan B: $199/week for up to 2 hours for special projects.

Plan C: $199 BAM membership + mutually beneficial barter + at least (1) BAM membership/week for these reasons:> + BAM on your website's main navigation.

Plan D: I'll meet with a BAM member anytime for breakfast, lunch or dinner on you at Denny's Carson and I'm always open to discussing doing a barter.

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