Bryan functions as a virtual Chief Technology Officer, (CTO) for several companies.  (IT = level 1, MIS = level 2, CIO = level 3, CTO = level 4 (15 - 25 years ahead of most people's thinking) and Futurist = level 5 (25 - 50+ years ahead of most people's thinking)

Although Bryan is a CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT strategist, he will assist with CAPITAL INFUSION for a 10% consulting fee or equity, both are negotiable.  Bryan opens his vast connections to any active paid BAMway Member on a per case basis.  All BAM memberships that are for access to my connections are NON-REFUNDABLE! In order for Bryan to advise, consult, teach, meet, refer or review any materials or ideas, one MUST select Plan A-D first!

Plan A: $199/hour

Plan B: $199/week for up to 2 hours for special projects.

Plan C: $199 BAMway membership + mutually beneficial barter + at least (1) BAMway enrollment/week for these reasons + on your website's main navigation.

Plan D: I'll meet with a BAMway member anytime for breakfast, lunch or dinner on you at Hot & Cold Cafe in Leimert Park and I'm always open to discussing doing a barter.

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"The ones that meet the most; do the least!" Bryan

T + M = E

“Successful people are always looking for ways to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, ‘What’s in it for me?” – Brian Tracy

“No man is greater than the next man and no man is greater than the whole!” - Ronnie DeVoe (Bell, Biv, DeVoe)