40,000 people join the Network Marketing industry daily. (Note: 20,000 people start conventional businesses daily.) BAMway is DISRUPTING the Network Marketing industry with an ADVERTISING/SHOPPING MALL FRANCHISE like model to REMOVE THE SYSTEMIC FAILURE & DECEPTION! Our goal is to redirect at least 1% of the Network Marketing Hopefuls to BAMway! Come on in and learn how BAM is disrupting the Network Marketing industry with our patent pending BAMcircle.net™.



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Since 1998.


TECHNOLOGY CHANGES THINGS and the truth shall set you free! 2nd Timothy 4:3-4

1994 The internet was introduced to the general public.  This was the FINAL BLOW to the NETWORK MARKETING model. The Independent Business Owners are no longer necessary. Hence, the high failure rates from the $167 BILLION Network Marketing industry. READ MORE