Billion Dollar Deal

"I'm just playing....LOL!"

BAM inked a BILLION DOLLAR ADVERTISING deal with Denny's in 2012. 

We will do more deals like this again with your SUPPORT! Read the data below regarding the challenge we had with this deal.

Challenges are not failures, just setbacks.” Bryan “BAM” Franklin

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From: <>
Sent: 25 August, 2019 10:23 PM
To: Mark Graves, Esq. ( <>; Everett Glenn, Esq. ( <>; Tiffany Muhammad, Esq. ( <>; James Simmons, Esq. ( <>; Corey Edwards, Esq. ( <>; Chris Rosette, Esq. ( <>
Cc: Lucha Cisneros ( <>; Reu Ben Yahweh ( <>
Subject: The Time Has Come To Reply To The Denny's Attached Cease & Desist (With Our Demands!)

Greetings Esteemed Law Professionals,

We were waiting for the “go ahead” from Mr. Smothers, Black Owner at Crenshaw & Coliseum for our next move…to possibly raise a racial discrimination concern based on their documented racist history.  We got up to 9 locations before receiving the cease and desist which in our opinion was not warranted and a heavy hand slap!

We were concerned that Denny’s first retaliatory action would be to commandeer Mr. Smother’s very successful Franchisee location.  That concern has been removed because Mr. Smothers has sold his Denny’s at Crenshaw & Coliseum.

  1. We will be seeking financial damages in the amount of at least $199 x 1700 locations = $338,300.00 + emotional/financial hardship of $800,000.00 expeditiously.
  2. We will be demanding that Denny’s reinstates formerly 1iMALL.COM to implement our model as per the original approval.
  3. We will have Denny’s pay our Legal Team’s Attorney fees.

Will you reply to all with your thoughts and your desire to assist contingently?

Here is how the money breaks down:

600 customers/day with 1% to ADVERTISE with BAM = 6 /day

6 x $50 to the Franchisee = $300 / day

$300 / day x 365 = $109,500 / year

$109,500 x 1600 Denny’s  locations = $175,200,000.00 deal at 1% success!

Here are the model details:

Bryan Franklin,


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